• Clean and hygienic】Our shoe covers fit snugly to the shoes, making footsteps difficult to infect. It has no hidden odor, and can be used directly in contact with the skin, which is convenient and hygienic.
  • 【Wide usage】 The qualified disposable shoe covers can protect your shoes from water, mud, damp, dirty and dusty land in rainy days. It also widely applied when drifting, hiking and other outdoor activities, also good for accessing clean rooms, labs, etc, much easier than removing shoes.
  • 【Strong firmness】 This shoe cover adopts thickening technology, which is firm and not easy to break, has good elasticity, can freely expand and contract, and is not easy to fall off during walking.You can focus on the matter in your hand, without worrying that it will fall easily.
  • 【Non-slip characteristics】 This shoe cover is made of embossed craft material. The material is tough and pulls without deformation, it is safe and non-slip, and it is not easy to fall.
  • 【Tight fit】 You can freely adjust the size of the mouth of the shoe cover. It has flexibility and suit fit. It is suitable for all types of shoes and can be worn by adults and children.

Disposable Shoe Covers for Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser (100 Pcs)

SKU: 2020B086DLHZDP504