-Professional On-Site Disinfecting Services

-Initial Free Risk Assessment & Plan

-The areas required to be Cleaned must be vacated for approximately 2 hours with No HVAC/Fan running to allow all Air particles to settle

-Disinfecting Plan will include a detailed list of surfaces that people touch consistently that will be wiped down with an EPA approved Safe-Cleaning Mixture that has been proven to Kill Corona Viruses (See Material Safety Data Sheets)

-Either a Stationary Fogger will be placed in each Room(s) and the Disinfectant Mixture will run Per Guidelines set by the EPA proven to Kill Corona Viruses (See Material Safety Data Sheets)

-Or a Sanitizer Technician will Spray throughout the Room(s) being careful not to douse any electronics to prevent moisture damage

-A waiting period of 45 minutes is required before entry should be granted 

-Employee Education For Self Cleaning After Disinfecting 

Professional Commercial On-Site Disinfecting Services

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