Scientella Health Corporation was founded by Danny E. Elkins, Jr.

Mr. Elkins, a Respiratory Therapist Practitioner credentialed by the National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC). With over 10 years of experience working in the Emergency Rooms, Cardiac Care Units, and Isolation Wards of multiple University Hospitals. 

Mr. Elkins graduated from California College of Health Sciences (CCHS) National City, CA and studied both Biology/Chemistry at West Virginia University. Mr. Elkins has held various Executive Management positions in the Financial, Health & Spa, and Construction Fields when combined makes Mr. Elkins a well qualified leader. 

Scientella Health Corporation's mission is to assess, design and implement a plan to prevent the spread of diseases with a concentration on viral infections in places we live, work, attend school, places of worship, venues of entertainment and many others not listed. Our focus is returning to the safety we all felt pre COVID-19 era and to eliminate any fears for possible future viral infections.

One of our strengths is to support our sister corporation, "The Love We Have For Others!" which assist victims of domestic violence, families who have become homeless, and the rescue of abused/neglected animals. We do believe in the saying, of "Lift yourself up by your bootstraps!" We can only help those who can help themselves.